About Us

About Us

Fayda hub- Fayda apnao Fayda kamao, a one stop shop platform developed to reach the wholesalers and retailers of India in stationery and household sector. The motive of Fayda hub is to give an opportunity to the shopkeepers to choose and buy the products online with a very vast variety of both branded and imported ones.

The products available on Fayda hub are-art and craft, adhesive products, pencils, eraser and sharpener, pen, sketching products, fancy decorative items, birthday items, crafting products, household, organizer, cups and mugs cutlery,  water bottles, kitchen products, sports, amenities, covid essentials and the list goes on.
Faydahub imports products directly from all over the world and also purchase the products direct from manufacturers which reduces the commission margin spread at three levels i.e., super stockist/dealer to wholesalers to sub wholesalers and then to retailers. Here we bring the products direct from the brand to your door step.

There are no hidden charges applicable at Faydahub I.e., if a person goes to the market for purchasing directly he/she will be spending on
[  ]  Transportation to and fro
[  ]  Travelling charges for out station
[  ]  Food and Accommodation
[  ] Jhaali Charges
[  ] Packaging Charges
[  ] Freight /Transport/Courier Charges
[  ] Stockist /Dealer /Wholesaler commission
[  ] Miscellaneous Charges
[  ] Time consuming process and the list goes on.
Thus we are here to sort all this and are thriving to make the purchasing process of the shop owners to shop products at the ease of their comfort and make huge savings by adding products to the e-cart of Fayda hub and place the order by getting it at their door step on time with the facility of COD all over India.

The domain www.faydahub.com is managed and owned by faydahub.

For futhers queries,  suggestions and clarifications feel free to contact us @ help@faydahub.com